Saturday, April 16, 2011

4-16-2011 The Y (Coalpit/Needle fail)

For the second time this week I found myself eating and sleeping instead of finishing plans.  Tanner, Zak and I followed an amazing preset booter all the way up the Y this morning.  The top was as filled in as I've see it all year, absolutely no rocks showing.
Tanner gaining the ridge
Once we looked south towards the Coalpit headwall we saw this.
After sitting around for a little while the could cover just got thicker.  We all remembered reading about a small storm coming and weren't too psyched about skiing in a white out so we decided to turn around and ski out the Y.  
Zak Foy 

An hour later we were at Five Guys eating cajun fries and burgers while watching the clouds clear. Lame.


  1. Have you already forgotten.....when in doubt, dig a pit and sit.

  2. I know but I only dig holes with family.