Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4-20-2011 Twins Fail, again

We both knew there was a good chance we'd be bailing on the day.  I thought it would be more of a weather issue, I was wrong. After ideal skiining conditions we were at the base of Bonkers and decided to dig a bit. We dug an isolated column, an extended column and a Rutschblock and didn't really like the results.  Not wanting to quit skiing at 7:00 AM we decided to head up a "safer" route and reevaluate once we were a little higher.  Once again we performed 3 tests and once again didn't like the results so we left. Oh well. Too cautious?
Jared digging through the weak layer consisting of  a few inches of slush
 The results of the 2nd Rutschblock...

On the way out this moose walked with in a hundred feet of us.  I thought we were going to get trampled.

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