Thursday, April 21, 2011

4-21-2011 Most of Suicide, Homicide

I little morning ski with Adam was just what I wanted today. I made it about 3/4 the way up Suicide chute when I realized I didn't have my beacon, stupid.  After a quick ski down I rejoined Adam as we wallowed through the last few hundred feet.
Adam, thigh deep.  It got deeper.
 Getting around the cornice turned out to be a little harder/sketchier than expected.  We finally decided to "chimney" up with some rock on the right and icy cornice on the left.  I was pretty steep and the whole time we were blasted in the face with spin drift.  I got pretty nauseous from the cold, I guess I'm not used to high wind and spindrift to the face.
photo from by A. Okeefe
Adam, laughing? 
The ski down Homicide was great for the upper 2/3 and then turned into debris.

More of the same

Another by Adam

Another good day!

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