Thursday, April 28, 2011

4-27-2011 NW, Pfeif, no rope!

CJ, Has and I got a nice 9:00 start in sunny weather.  The plan was to leave the ropes and harnesses in the van and head for the rarely filled in NW couloir of the Pfeifferhorn,  We had the privilege of breaking trail most of the way and right around Red Pine Lake we were caught by A Okeefe.  He wanted in on the ropeless descent and the breaking, who were we to say no?
The boys on the ridge
Weather stayed pretty amazing throughout the day, mostly sunny, still.

The upper section was a bit icy but throughout the majority of the chute we found nice heavy powder.  I haven't skied with many tele skiers but Has and CJ skied!  REAL tele turns throughout the entire NW, even through the steep icy choke that's normally rappelled.  Almost made me want to buy a pair of those heavy awkward boots and bindings, almost.  
Has rallying
CJ towards the choke

Adam skiing the rappel
The lower apron was ridiculous.  Deep, fun.  Overall, an amazing day.

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