Friday, April 29, 2011

4-28-2011 South Faces, Bighorn and Lone Peak

Andy and I talked a Zak and Adam into joining us for a huge day(didn't really have to talk them into anything, they're normally down).  Unfortunately, the warm weather scared us out of giving it a go.  Instead, we decided to head up a line we've talked about quite often but never skied on the south side of Lone Peak.  Snow was firm and fast and before we knew it we decided to detour up to the top of Bighorn.  The skiing off the summit was breakable crust, fun.  It makes me laugh. 

Andy and Zak (lower right) off of Bighorn
 From there we headed over to LP.  There was a lot of debate over a few different ski lines.  We ended up playing around on Question Mark Wall and then headed out the way we came.  It was too hard to pass up a few thousand feet of fun corn/slush skiing.
Andy about to ski off QMW (Got a couple but missed the best shot on the way down, lame.)
Adam, Bighorn in the background


  1. Jason, I am presenting an Intro to BC Skiing slideshow and I didn't have any images of breakable crust. I was wondering if I could present your first image here, attributed to you with your blog's URL shown in the corner?


    1. Hey Alex, feel free to use what ever picture you want. Hope the talk goes well!