Monday, February 27, 2012

Between the Pfeif and Box Elder

Red up, Green down
Andy and I started a bit late this morning with hopes of catching up with John, Jason B, and Adam somewhere in the vicinity of Box Elder.  We all figured there would be plenty of mellow terrain/ridges to play around on, there were.

 The long approach from the Dry Creek Trailhead in Alpine was surprisingly filled in and we were able to skin all but the first 1/4 mile.  The early crew put the skinner in all the way until we caught them topping out some no name bump on the ridge just to the NE of Box Elder. After skiing a forgettable crusty shot off the bump, a the ridge heading up towards White Baldy caught our eye.  We traversed over and did a little scrambling until time commitments had us heading back.  It was kind of a gloomy day but once again, Utah County did not disappoint! 

John low on the ridge
John, JB, Adam

Andy on his way to work, note the 145 cm nordic poles 
JB, also on his way to work, Box Elder in the background

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