Friday, March 2, 2012

Wasatch Citizen's Series - The Grand Finale

We held the last Citizen's Series race last night at Brighton.  Like the others, it was a success.  Again big thanks to Brighton for allowing all of us to run around their resort.  The CAT driver Greg was especially cool again changing up his entire route just to accommodate.  The format was a two person team relay with each team member completing a total of 4 ups and downs.  Just like last time, an attempt was made to divide teams fairly evenly.  
 After the customary fast start, burning lungs, and the Samurai pulling his usual time saving stunts (having a second set of skis at the transition skinned up and ready to go) it boiled down to a two man race.  Jake vs. Blake.  It was back and forth until Blake a massive skin failure on the final climb giving the win to the team of Jake and Andy.
Jake vs Blake
 Although many were excited to be out getting a little exercise, others were anxious to get to Molly Green’s and find out who was going to win the Powderwhore swag and La Sportiva GTRs.  Names were placed in a boot with the big win going to Tim!

All in all it was great start to the Citizen’s Series.  I’m looking forward to see what the next year will bring. It seems like there has been a great response and hopefully the sport will continue to grow.  For those of you who sat at home last night, SHAME! 

Another winner

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