Friday, February 3, 2012

Citizen's Series Sprint Relay

Another great turn out for the Citizen's series, about 50.  The format was similar to the Sprint Race recently seen at the North American Championships except we made it a 2 man team relay and had each team member go twice.  Teams were divided up as evenly as possible with each team consisting of one member on race gear and the other member on anything else.  From the gun it was a fast start thanks to Tom Goth, he made everyone feel like vomiting.  Apart from the nausea, the race was great.  I think everyone realized that fast transitions are key in a short event like this. Special thanks to Brighton for helping the Wasatch get fitter (the CAT  driver was especially cool as he waited to groom the course just to let us race).
The first leg of the relay, blurry pain

Layne Caldwell mid booter
 As always we met at Molly Green's for awards (pies, thanks to Andy for buying), drinks and food.  Although we may have looked weird, a good time was had by all.  Jared and Morgan made up the winning team.  For some reason I think the team made up of a USA skimo team member and an olympic nordic skier may have had the advantage...

Next race is scheduled for 7 PM next Thursday.  Tell your friends.

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