Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spanish Fork Peak, The fix I've been wanting

I've been a little grumpy lately and I think it's because I haven't had a nice big dose of skiing in the past couple days.  Funny how that works.  On Presidents' day Mark Hammond posted pictures of Spanish Fork Peak and it looked amazing. After seeing these, Andy and I (who are always fans of Utah County) figured we had to go ski the prominent burn on the west side of the Peak.  I thought it'd fill my ski needs (which seem to be increasing).

We drove the short hour down to the neighborhood of the base of Spanish Fork Peak and skinned directly from the car. After breaking 5600' of trail, we found ourselves standing by a massive cairn on the summit under blue skis.  It was beautiful. We ate some food, drank some Coke and then headed down a west trending ridge until we were on top of the burn.  From here the skiing was fantastic, even better than expected.  We had powdery turns for 5600' though the burned trees and then a little half pipe gully all the way back to the car.  It seems like the low elevation snow is making access to a bunch of these peaks in the Wasatch pretty easy, almost too easy.  I wonder why more people aren't checking them out?

Yesterday was a magical day and I've had my ski fix for now.  The problem is I don't think it'll last too long...
Andy heading up
View to the North
Wind feathers, photo by Andy
Andy gaining the summit ridge
Traversing to the summit
Andy in the burn
Even lower
Also, the last of the Citizen's Series Skimo races will be tonight at 7 at Brighton.  Don't forget to fill out the following questionnaire for a chance to will a new pair of La Sportiva skis!  


  1. That peak has seen more action in the last three days than it has in the last decade. Mark H, the pioneer.

  2. wishful thinking. while there 2/21/09 we witnessed 5 days worth of heli skiing in a 3 mile radius of summits. southern wasangeles beat out. some canadian outfit had a special permit and we were sick of smelling jet fuel. ;((