Friday, February 15, 2013

Vertfest/Ski mountaineering topics

I'm heading up to Seattle for the weekend to race at Vertfest and then give a clinic on ski mountaineering.  Beside the importance of pre-race Pei Wei here's a list of potential topics; I figured I'd bring the list and let the group decide what they want to discuss.  We'll be on the snow and there should be a few rock outcrops to practice on. Anything else I should add?  Suggestions are appreciated!
Airport Pei Wei!

     - deadman
     - v thread
     - natural anchors
     - equalizing
     - 6mm cord
     - prusiks-back up
     - fireman's

       - edk
       - water knot
       - double fish
       - munter
       - clove hitch
       - prusiks

     - placing pins
     - nut/cam placement
     - sharpening tools?
     - spinner leash
     - adz vs hammer
     - ice climbing with ski boots
     - whippets
             - uses:  ice removal, easy ice climbing, "dry tooling,"
     - ski crampons
     - skins- mohair vs nylon
     - skis

Glacier travel
      - rescue
             - prusiks
             - 2:1 pulley
       - Kiwi Coil

     -soft vs hard shell
     - gaiters

Cornice Drops
      - stomping
      - cutting

Ski cuts


      - efficiency
      - skis on pack
      - ripping skins

       - intervals
       - long days
Rainier through a window


  1. Good potential list of topics. I'd personally add the Bowline knot as well as BELAYED ski cuts. Maybe even touch on belayed skiing through iffy sections if it's a rowdy, proper ski mountaineering kinda crowd.

    1. Good call on the belayed ski cuts, I'll add it to the list

  2. -Sunscreen application intervals
    -blog post frequency
    -oral/genital hygene
    -cheating the IRS

  3. -Rest days and overtraining
    -cholecalciferol deficiency and athletic performance/testosterone production
    -branched chain amino acids and muscle recovery/ck levels
    -menaquinone content in the standard American diet and Leydig cell function

  4. go/no go avy decision making? (Probly covered in with the ski cutting...)

  5. Uh, you'd need about 4 days to cover all that shit. Ambitious. Probably should just talk about the advantages of taking less/lighter shit to go farther and faster. All that other crap is old news. No sense in reinventing the wheel. Except, of course, the "sun screen application intervals". LMFAO.

  6. Took me a few seconds to figure out who was this really fast guy Jason Dormis:

    1. Ha ha, I noticed. Maybe I need to work on my hand writing when I sign up for these things...

  7. Thanks for the help guys. I added all the suggestions to the list and let the folk decide. We ended up working on anchors and rappelling for the majority of the time, it was wet an cold!