Friday, February 21, 2014

Recent Powder Skiing - Maybird and Millcreek

With avy conditions slowly stabilizing we've had a good couple of days.  Today we decided on the south facing Maybird Couloir.  When we parked I realized I forgot my beacon so I called a friend (who's car we saw driving up) to see if he an extra.  He said, "just ski fast."  Tempting but I drove down and grabbed mine.     

There was about a foot of wind protected powder that seemed to have bonded well to the underlying snow.  We got a little bit of a late start and were feeling warm February sun beating down on us so instead of standing on O'Sullivan we decided to turn around once we hit the top of the Chute.   We probably could have gotten away with it but what's the point?   I'm sure we could have gunned it to the top and "just skied fast."  Wet slides are slow anyway right? Maybe we're getting soft with old age but maybe just a little smarter.

Andy and Tom leaving the chute proper
Andy rocking the new F1 Evo
Andy skiing the skinner 
Mid chute
Freeride Tom in his full carbon Sportive Cubes
The choke
Even lower
Yesterday Andy and I went looking for mellow powder skiing up Millcreek.  We found it but also found crowns galore.  It seemed that the north/northeast faces were hit the hardest.   I guess Millcreek can get plenty rowdy with the right mix of conditions, be careful...
One of many start zones
Andy skiing a skiff of powder in the old bed surface
Photo by Andy

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