Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Nugget, Cloudveil Dome

Dorks with glorified protractors
For the last day of our avy course we decided to go have a look at the Nugget off of Cloudveil Dome.  Yesterday was bitter cold and we tried to keep moving but had to stop and geek out every once in a while about snow science.  

After a couple pits and a protractor session, we hit the Col east of Cloudveil Dome.  Part of Zahan's course deals with managing different avy hazards and yesterday we felt a belayed ski cut was warranted.  We cut 2 different rollovers at the top of the Nugget and felt pretty good about the stability so a 4th day of couloir powder skiing ensued...
Tom Goth with Middle Teton in the background
Tom and Mike Schillings approach the Cloudveil/Nez Perce Col
Teague Holmes at the Col
Camera setting got all jacked up but here's Teague giving a solid hip belay while I ski cut the upper chute, photo by Tom Goth
Zahan Bilimoria "shredding" photo by Teague Holmes
Just above the "Nugget" photo by Teague Holmes
Tom rapping over the Nugget, photo by Teague Holmes
Z skiing away from the Nugget


  1. Such a great line, the Nugget. To keep things in perspective, check out this old video of Reed and Randosteve descending later in the spring. The music is painfully ominous and Steve's voice over is, well, typical Steve, but the footage of the avy is cool.

    Live to Ski, bitches!