Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Under The Rim - Bryce Canyon

Day #2 in Bryce got an early start when the wife, pup, and I headed to Inspiration Point to watch the sunrise.  We certainly were inspired.  From there the plan was to run the Rim Trail over to the start of the Under the Rim Trail and take that out to the end of the park.  I had been complaining to Amanda all morning about running with a backpack when she finally said, "just don't bring one!"  It was cool, the forecast called for clouds, the run was going to be right at 25 miles - no water seemed like a fine plan to me.  I chugged 20oz of Monster and 20oz of Gatorade and figured that would last me for the day.  It did but just barely.
Sunrise from Inspiration Point
A little later from Upper Inspiration Point
The Rim Trail close to Bryce Point
I heard the Under the Rim Trail was full of downed trees and didn't offer great views.  Maybe my expectations were low but I was thoroughly impressed.  Just like the Fairyland Trail most of the Under the Rim Trail was low angle, buffed, and very runnable.  There were downed trees littering the last 8 miles 5-8 miles but nothing too cumbersome.  I guess I'll have to head back for the Bryce Canyon Link Up.
Under the Rim
More single track
Part of the burn

The final stretch
Rainbow Point, looking back over the Under the Rim Trail

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