Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The CURL - Cardiff Ultimate Ridge Linkup

Since moving up Big Cottonwood, I've had a fair amount of time to explore Cardiff Fork.  About a month ago Noah and I ran up to Pole Line Pass, over to Flagstaff and out Day's Fork.  Mid run we looked up at the Reed Benson Ridge and then at Cardiac Ridge and had an epiphany.  They had to be linked.  We figured it'd be a miniature, less classic WURL.  We made plans a few times over the past month but never started due to the crazy August rains.  Last Saturday, weather was on our side.

We left from my front porch at 6 AM without headlamps figuring the sun would come up soon.  It did, but not until we had bushwhacked half way up the north end of the Reed Benson Ridge by phone light.  Luckily it wasn't too bad.  
Not too bad

The start of the rock
Once we were on rock it was pretty straight forward.  Follow the ridge.  We thought there were only a handful of 4th+ class moves.  One on the Reed Benson side and two on the Cardiac side.  They all probably could have been avoided were we more willing to deviate from the ridge but then it wouldn't be an ultimate ridge linkup right?  It may not be the classic that the WURL has become but it made for a stellar Saturday.

Reed Benson
Poser posing
Bristlecone Pines grow in some unlikely places
Easy slab
Noah nearing Flagstaff
Roni from either Jennilyn Eaton's or Spencer Weiler's WURL cache
The start of Cardiac Ridge

The crux crumbling tower
Noah scared the whole thing might fall
Finally on solid rock

Summiting Kessler
Amanda had peach smoothies in frosty mugs, banana bread, and black bean burgers waiting for us!  


  1. My WURL companion Court stashed the peps, I couldn't stomach any at 11 pm. Glad you enjoyed em.

  2. Congrats on moving up BCC!

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