Thursday, January 1, 2015

Iwin - Belly full of bad beef

There is a Ski Mountaineering World Championship this season.  This occurs every two years and although ski mountaineering (racing) is not a huge sport in the US, it does have a large following in Europe and the World Championships will be filled with world class athletes.  In the US we have three races that will select the team to go to Verbier Switzerland.  The eight racers with the best three races will go.  The first of these was at the beginning of the month in Crested Butte, CO.

Fall Training
I went into this race with high expectations.  My training had been going well, great in fact.  I was about 10% faster than I had ever been running up one of our local 3000' climbs, my downhill skiing had improved, and my work schedule had been light.  It's likely that I was overly self confident but I felt that if all things lined up I had a chance to win.

On the drive down to CB I started to feel a little nauseated.  I had been reading for a fair about of the trip and I figured this was the problem.  Then I ate Red Robin.  That didn't help.  I figured it was the food's fault.  Then I keep feeling worse.  I was up most of that night feeling pukey and suffering from the BW (butt waterfall).

I was hopeful the symptoms would resolve over then next day and that I'd wake up the morning of the race feeling good as new.  I pounded fluid, imodium, pepto, and food.  Andy called in a presciption of Zofran (anti-nausea med) and I went to bed feeling a little better.

The morning of the race came and I felt OK.  Still not great but good enough to give it a go.  About 10 seconds after the gun went off I could tell something was not quite right.  Normally the climbing suits me pretty well but I was getting blown out of the back of the pack.  Since my place from this race counted towards making the US team I figured I better just find a pace that worked and give it an honest effort.  On the first of three climbs I slowly went from 30th or so to about 10th.  Not bad.

The skiing went well and on the next climb I gained another couple spots.  Only problem was the continued nausea.  From then on it battle to stay motivated and keep the mongolian beef down.  I'm pretty sure if it weren't for the stupid points I would have quit.

The final climb was more of the same misery and at the bottom of the last descent I found myself in 7th.  I felt totally blown and had a belly full of bad beef.  That stayed down for all of a few minutes and then was unleashed on the white snow.  Turns out Mongolian Beef mixed with Pepto turns black.  Nasty.

This certainly was not the race I had planned.  In fact, if someone would have told me I would have ended up 7th before the race I would have said that's a terrible result.  After the fact, I'm
pretty damn proud.  I haven't felt that bad during a race for long time and being able to push through that much discomfort seems like a win.  Even if it was really 7th.

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