Thursday, January 1, 2015

December 2014 - Photos

No writing, just pictures.  Here's a handful from December.  Happy New Year!

Tom G., Bart G., and Andy D. Heading up S. Lone Peak
Andy and Bart admiring a plastered Question Mark Wall
Tom and Andy heading off Lone

Andy in Days

There's a pole tip in there

This was the deepest I can remember.  Andy, Noah, Tom, and I headed up Millcreek and were blown away.  The skinner went to mid-thigh.  The snow was too deep for Hannah so I shoved her in the bag and away we went.  Photo by Noah Howell
Another shot by Noah
Tom G. heading up Raymond from Porter Fork.  The plan was to end up in Alpine but a poor avy forecast had us pulling the plug once we hit Little. 

Tom summiting Raymond
Summit ridge of Raymond
More Raymond
We think hitching is lame when the ground cab be easily covered on foot so we ran the mile and a half up the road from Mill A to Cardiff Fork
Andy and Tom heading off Superior.
Andy high on Kessler
More Kessler
Teague Holmes, Jason Prigge, and Noah Howell on Cardiac Ridge
Andy summiting Raymond.  Teague following.
Andy about to ski to off Raymond to the east


  1. Looks like good livin' to me! Thanks for posting those, great way to start the new year seeing friends ski double overhead UT pow. I think the photo of Hannah in your pack is deserving of a page in Powder magazine's photo annual.

  2. Great, no awesome pictures in here! Which camera do you take up the mountains when skiing? Im looking to buy a new one that would suit well for skimo/trail/scrambling in the wild mountains.