Sunday, January 4, 2015

Reed and Benson, The Hallway

It's always good to get go to new places.  I've stared at/scrambled on the Reed and Benson ridge line all fall and summer but never skied the Reed and Benson Couloir.  Luckily that changed yesterday.  Andy, Teague, Matt, and I headed up Cardiff with no agenda.  We saw a skinner heading up to the Reed and Benson and felt obligated to take it.  It's quite short but very scenic.  The skiing sucked but it was fantastic.
The boys heading up Reed and Benson
Matt and Andy nearing the top of R and B
Andy shredding
From there we kept heading up Cardiff until the Hallway caught our eye.  This was all I had time for but the other guys kept rolling for the majority of the day.  Turns out there's enough in Cardiff to keep you busy for a long time.
Matt skinning the Hallway
The Hallway
Andy skiing the skinner in the upper Hallway
Freeride Teague

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  1. Wow that pic of the skinner in the hallway is impressive. And for an old guy Teague sure can pull the iron cross. Thanks for sharing!