Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Jackson Race Taper

The biggest ski races of the year are coming up this weekend.  There will be USA team qualifying races at Grand Targhee, Snow King, and Jackson Hole held over the weekend.  The goal of the week is to go into the weekend well rested and ready to move fast.  The only problem with that plan is that there is a lot of good sking to be had!  Today Andy, Jared, Sam, Lars and I headed up to Red Baldy to ski a line into Icefall canyon.  We've all been on Red Baldy numerous times but no one had actually skied the line.  All day we were hyping it up, calling it the King Line.  King Line indeed.  The hike out to East Pass was pleasant as well.  There is certainly more exploring to be done.  
Andy and Lars, Red Stack in the background
The boys on the summit ridge of Red Baldy
More of the same
The SLC Samurai himself
Andy next to Jared's tracks.  Even Mark White would be proud of Jared's wiggles.
Yesterday I only had time to head up to Brighton for a quick workout which was good for the taper but the day before I was once again forced to get out and ski.  When Andy and Sam call it's kind of hard to say, "no, I'm resting,"  We headed up Argenta and found primo condiitons in the East Couloir.

Sam in the upper East
Andy down low
Now it's a real day of rest and then we hit the road for Jackson.  I'm guessing this was a perfect taper. 

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