Friday, January 30, 2015

The Grunge

Tuesday was another good day to be out and about.  It's hard to stay away from Timp so Lars, Teague, Andy and I made our way down to the County once again.  Lars and Teague haven't skied the Cold Fusion so were hoping to check it out but as we approached the north end of the mountain the Grunge kind of lured us in.  
Low in the Grunge
Andy topping it out 
We were happy to find a reasonably mellow ski in from the ridge.  Every time we've been there in the past there a scary cornice that's caused us to tuck tail and down climb.   Not this time!  The skiing was mostly firm with a little crust.  Powder's overrated.  Stability's where it's at.
A breezy transition
Teague thinking about turning his 170cm into the 165cm wide choke

He decided to turn after the choke

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