Saturday, January 31, 2015

Lone Peak - East Couloir?

We've heard of Aaron Smith for sometime now but never actually seen him.  His Instagram name is Seldon_Seen_Smith so I guess it makes sense.  Yesterday we finally met up and decided to head up Bell's and check out a couple East facing lines off Lone.  Just to the south of the NE Couloir there are a series of lines that look intriguing.  Yesterday we chose the one farthest south.  
Aaron Smith with Bighorn in the background
Andy casually crossing his legs as he rips skins
The mid section of the chute rolled over to what we're guessing was 50-55 degrees.  This was maybe only 20 feet but it also happened to be the iciest part of the day.  I guess we should have payed more attention to the blue "snow" as we were booting up...


  1. Saw you guys on the summit from the LCC/Bells ridge line. One second you there, the next you were gone. Nice to figure out it was you guys.

    1. Nice, what'd you guys ski?

    2. Skied coalpit #3 and a west facing shot off a no name peak on the ridge high in Bells