Sunday, February 1, 2015

Gobbler's and Raymond

Lars and I ran up the Bowman trail to Baker Pass(in between Raymond and Gobbler's) a handful of times over the summer. Each time, right before the pass, we'd look up at Gobbler's and dream of snow and skiing. With both of us having the day off we figured Saturday was the time to give it a go. Noah Howell and Jason Prigge joined and we made out way up Butler Fork during a cloudy, beautiful sunrise.

The avy report made it sounds like conditions were a little grim. Everyone I talked to also seemed to feel like there was no good snow left. They were wrong. The north west facing shot of Gobbler's was soft and dry as was East Raymond.   Turns out it takes A LOT of high pressure to turn ALL of the snow bad.
Lars and Prigge heading up Gobbler's
Lars with Raymond in the background
Big tree on the Raymond ridge
The crew obliged when I asked them to pose
Prigge scrapping rocks

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