Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Triangle Coulior - 1/22/15

With Worlds looming we figured a little ice climbing would be the workout we all needed.  The Triangle is a roadside treat half way up Little Cottonwood Canyon and we heard the ice was pretty fat.  It was, until it wasn't.
Entrance gulley
Teague on pitch 1
The last time I was in the Triangle, the beginging of pitch two was thick and easy.  This time it was a touch on the thin side.  Teague took the lead but ended up loosing one of his crampons.  Luckily Tom was in the line of fire and was able to catch it before it ended up all the way down in LLC Creek.  Not trusting his boot/crampon combo he relenquished the lead.  Teague's a great climber and I suspect he won't ask me to finish his leads again, but in the meantime, I'll be heckling him as much as I can! The top portion of this pitch climbed quite nicely.  There was enough ice to swing left and aviod the mini chimney.
Pitch 2, seconds before Teague sent his crampons rocketing towards Tom
Tom finishing pitch 2
From the top of the ice it was a quick 1500' (?) to the ridge which looks over Coalpit. I took no skiing pictures which is probably for the better.  The upper chute was mostly breakable crust.  No bad conditions just bad skiers, right?  That day we were all bad skiers.  Video to come...
Tom ripping Pillows!

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