Monday, January 19, 2015

SLC Twins - E Face and NW Couloir

Skiing with Lars and Chad turned into skiing with crew of 8.  Normally that seems like too many but for the day it was pretty entertaining.  Jared set a race pace up Broad's Fork and we were up below Drom at first light.  From there we had to break trail so the extra number's were appreciated.
Lars and Justin
Justin with Gobbler's and Raymond in the background
The crew spread out between Twins and Jepson's Foley
More of the same
Lars on the slab move heading toward the summit ridge
The couple slab moves on the way to the summit log jammed our massive party so we decided to split.  Half headed up the south facing chute and while the other half futzed around on the rock.  Ontop we initial plan was to split up.  Chad, Justin, and Jared all had obligations and had to be back down.  We watched from the summit as they skied the top portion of the East Face.  It looked so go we decided to follow.
Tom, Jared, Elliot
Tom airing a little rock mid chute
Jared chose the other option
Lars lower on the face
After skiing the E face we found ourselves back at our ski track.  It's kind of hard to turn down a nice skinner so we headed back up hoping to find decent conditions in the NW.  We did.  We all felt the NW should be considered on of the Utah classics.  It's rock lined, long and steep.  we should have just flipped it and head back up to the summit but the alure of Deaf Smith was too strong.  The 6000' of great skiing, crap skiing and walking was just what we were looking for.
Teague in the NW
Tom, following Teague's tracks
The awesomenss that is Deaf Smith
While waitng for Tom's amazing girlfriend to shuttle us back up the canyon he's instagraming, "out of the alpine and unto suberbia." 


  1. These are magazine cover quality shots! Keep it up.

  2. Thanks Swain! They'd be better if you were in them instead of those crappy skiers I was out with.

  3. Jason - stumbled across your blog. Any chance you'd be willing to discuss Rainier?


  4. Thanks for the post, I stare at this from my house in sandy. Hopefully we get good coverage this winter.

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