Monday, March 23, 2015

Capitol Reef - a few photos

Still happy eventhough Amanda REALLY wanted to snuggle a sedated bear
We went down to Bryce to follow around a bear biologist as he tracked bears with hopes of tranquilizing them and tacking a few measurements.  We had two bear dens to check out but unfortunately we found no sleeping bears.  Only one that was awake and running from us.  No matter, walking around the high plataues of Bryce Canyon was enjoyable with or without the bears.  

The next day we decided to swing through Capitol Reef on the way home.  We drove the Cathedral Valley Loop and I'm happy to say it lived up to its reputation.  A few photos...
Amanda and the Temple of the Sun
Temple of the Sun
Temple of the Moon
Looking for rocks
Lizard tracks 

From the Upper Cathedral Valley Overlook
Benonite Hills

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  1. Way to rock the flannel! It's good to see you in plaid on this site. A first to add to your long list of other types of accomplishments?