Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Heart of Darkness, Rampage, N. Superior

I had a pretty good day last week skiing off the Reed and Benson Ridgeline followed by the worst day of skiing I can remember.  After a few thousand feet of breakable crust that left me punching thigh deep into isothermic slop I figured skiing was winding down in the Wasatch.  Then I read about Chad and Jared's day and reconsidered.  

On Monday I headed up Cardiff hoping to catch Teague and Tony on the summit of Superior.  From there the plan was to ski the Heart of Darkness and The Diving Board and then reverse it back to Superior and head back into Cardiff.  Everything went as planned except there was very little skiing to be had in the Heart of Darkness and we swapped the more exposed Diving Board for the more filled in Rampage.  Surprisingly there was still dry snow sitting on Rampage.  Maybe winter's still here. 

Teague and Tony near the summit of Superior
Tony in the HoD with Rampage in the background

Skiing the lower portion of Rampage
Teague enjoying the soft snow and good light
Climbing back out of HoD
Heading back to Superior
Not so soft North Superior

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