Friday, February 19, 2016

2-13-16 Strom Mountain - Storm Drain

A week ago we skied a line of Storm Mountain.  It was probably the most continuously steep and exposed line I've skied in the Wasatch.  About 3000' of 45 degree plus skiing broken up by a handful of rappels.  Noah, Ben and Matt skied it the day before and at the time, they had no beta and were unsure if anyone had skied it before.   Turns out it is a lot easier to ski something knowing it goes as apposed to diving into the unknown.  Props to those guys.  Noah's account is HERE.  Andy's is HERE.  I have nothing else to add but a handful of picture.  
Approach from Ferguson
Nearing the summit of Storm
Andy high in the Drain
Bart approaching the first rap
The first rap
Lars coming off the first set of raps
Andy skiing just after the first set of raps (3)
Looking up at Bart just off the 4th rap
Looking down at Lars after the 4th
Andy a touch lower
Lars in the same spot
The final rap that could be aired by more skilled skiers or if there was a softer landing

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