Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gate Boulders, Sugar House Track Club, Demolition Derby

Neil of 5.14 Cherry Red fame is in town from Indiana to go to the OR show and represent Hoosier Heights and Evolv.  We got out for a bit at the Gate Boulders, turns out bouldering's hard on the fingers/skin. Chris Sharma happend to be at the Gate Boulders too, kind of cool. No pics, felt lame to ask...

SHTC is going strong, daily runs.  Today we were 6 deep running repeats (4x5min) at the park.  Props to Matt and Jared for racing to the park directly from work and still going hard.  

Demolition Derby= ridiculous.  
Neil warming up on Standard Overhang
Heber's finest in action

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  1. who's this sharma guy? does he ride mountain bikes or something?