Thursday, May 30, 2013

Amanda's Comeback and The Pipeline

Last night Amanda got out for her first run since September 2012.  I was feeling lazy and wouldn't have left my couch since it was chilly and rainy but her psych got me up and out.  Luckily the rain stopped and the clouds blew away leaving us with an amazing night for running!
Amanda's first run in 8 months! 

With all the beautiful rain over the past few days Andy and I figured the skiing would be pretty good. The other day Chad and I headed up to the Pipeline but got turned around by a no hiking sign Although we felt good about obeying the sign then, this morning Andy and I weren't feeling it.  Snowbird's closed so there was no reason to turn around.  I'm glad we didn't.
Andy on the Pipeline apron
Andy Mid Chute
As we worked our way up the Pipeline we found a mix of sun, clouds, dense new powder and old frozen mank.  We tagged the summit, briefly chatted about how cool the swirling clouds were, and then were treated to great wind buffed spring snow.  Is stayed amazing for a 1500' or so and then turned into wet slop.  If you're heading up anytime soon a fresh layer of wax might not be a bad idea.
Nearing the summit
Andy in the upper Pipeline
Andy hop turning the steep middle portion


  1. JD a huge congratulations to Amanda! Looks like Pipeline treated you well.

  2. turns out amanda is waaay tougher than you... so tough!