Monday, June 3, 2013

Mt. Rainier, waiting...

Weather's been great here on Rainier but we've been told by many people that the upper mountain is, "slidey, avalanchy, windy, and overall unfit for skiing." Today, with that in mind, we headed up to Camp Muir to ski some corn.  We found 4600' of amazingness. Hopefully the "avalanchy" upper mountain settles out before we have to head home Wednesday afternoon.   

Noah, Andy, and Amanda leaving Paradise
Noah and Andy close to Muir Snowfield
Andy starting 4600' of perfect corn. A windy Rainier in the background.


  1. "Mt. Rainier, waiting..."
    -- Yes, as in, we're all waiting on your TR ... 3:57:55, really?!? (If so, huge congrats!)

    1. Thanks J. Shefftz, we were happy with it! Working on a TR now.