Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lake Peak and Red Baldy

Early mornings have been good to us lately and the trend continued yesterday.  Not only was the lighting top notch but the company was as well.  We rolled as a party of eight for most of the morning and found ourselves on Lake Peak, Red Baldy and part way up Red Stack before we all had to get back home.  Too bad there wasn't a little more time, the summit of Red Stack and White Badly were waiting...
The Chad Ambrose and Andy heading up Lake Peak
Chad and Lars Kjerengtroen a bit higher
Morning light over a smoggy city
The crew heading about to summit Lake Peak
Andy in the upper East Couloir off Lake Peak
Jared Inouye heading up Red Baldy
Heading to Red Baldy
Chad, Luke Nelson and Tom Goth on the Red Baldy summit
Luke rocking the race skis in the crusty powder