Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pre-Work skiing

Lars, Noah, Andy and I all had commitments yesterday afternoon so we opted for a 6 AM start and figured we'd get as much in as possible before we were forced to quit.  Turns out if you live in SLC you can have quite a bit of fun in a short morning.  We started with Tanner's and were once again amazed with the sunrise and location.  The condition were better than expected - supportable mixed with breakable.  A few pics...
Early morning booting

Lars and Andy mid Tanner's
Andy, Lars, Noah, about to top out Tanner's
Andy skiing chunky crust, upper Tanner's
From there it was a short drive up to the Superior apron.  We took the Hammond Direct to the base of Suicide Chute and as Noah put it, "amorally skinned the chute."  The snow was still dry and the turns good enough to convince us to head up the neighboring line.
Lars not caring about the high five, just looking down Suicide
Noah, dropping like it's hot
Lars skiing the skinner, Suicide Chute
I'm sure the line up ridge from Suicide has a real name but for the day we called it the Suicide Car.  We should have stopped 20 feet from the South Ridge but for some reason felt the need to top it out. Luckily there were roots to pull on and rocky slab to skate up. 
Noah near the top of "Suicide Car Chute"
Lars near the ridge above Suicide Car
Noah using a cheater stick to hit the ridge
The skiing was not good and was a mix of rotten crap, rock, and breakable but we were loving it. We're pretty lucky to be able to pull off quick mornings like this on a work day. Gotta love the Wasatch.
Noah loving the "AK Spines"