Monday, April 11, 2011

4-11-2011 West Face, Timp 2nd summit

I got to ski in the County today with Matt, Jim and Adam.  Good day.  We made pretty quick work of Primrose Cirque and headed up to Timp's 2nd (south) summit.  
Adam in the morning light

Jim reaching the saddle
 After hanging out in a t shirt on a windless, sunny summit we debated skiing back out primrose or the west face out Dry Creek.  I called Aimee and she was willing to shuttle 4 stinky guys back to the mouth of Provo canyon, so we decided on the west face. The snow was pretty good, ice covered with soft up top, creamy through the middle, slush down low.
Jim starting us off

Turley rallying the lower section
Adam practicing ballet, 2nd summit in the background
The slide path took us most of the way down making the walk in boots about 0.5 miles, nice!

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  1. Fun day. Glad we got it while it was smooth and pretty. You know things change quickly on that hill.