Sunday, April 10, 2011

4-8-2011 Sam's Canyon

Good day today.  Andy and I weren't too excited about skiing in a white out after spending a few days in sunny California.  Lucky for us, Sam and Uncle Roman were psyched and willing to go explore a new canyon down in the county.  Unsure of the name, we referred to it as "Sam's Canyon."
The boys on the way up
 Sam was the only one who brought tools, they rest of us had whippets.
Group ice climb! 
We found a bunch of really easy ice that was a lot easier to climb then walk around.  Andy didn't have crampons so he had to wallow, sucker.
Sam on top of our easy ice, Roman climbing, Andy wallowing
A few thousand feet up the chute we turned a corner and found this...
We immediately knew we'd be back the next day with a rope, real tools and a little gear. Since we couldn't get the big ice done today we kept heading up and over a few smaller ice bulges.  The highest bulge turned out to be GARBAGE.  It was basically slush on top of water on top of rock.  Not the best for climbing.  We probably could have gotten over it but with out a rope we would have had to down climb the already disintegrating ice.   We decided to turn about.  
Slush bulge
Sam really wanted to air the little ice bulges we climbed on the way up.  We had to follow.

 The snow was pretty ridiculous.
Andy rallying

Uncle Roman
More ice to follow...

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