Saturday, April 9, 2011

4-6-2011 The Pinner, Laurel Mountain

The forecast was calling for 80 mph wind gusts and an incoming storm.  We decided to go for a shorter day and get out of sunny CA before we were stuck in the weather.  Dale suggested The Pinner.
Andy approaching Mt Laurel
The Pinner goes up behind the cliffs on the left flank of Mt Laurel (see above pic).  3,500 feet of rock lined couloir, pretty rockous place.

Bottom of The Pinner
 We wanted to put a skinner all the way up The Pinner just because it rhymed.  I think we were 400 feet below the top when we aborted that mission.  Turns out a booter was a million times easier.  Up high it was sunny and there wasn't a breath of windy.  Andy and I just sat around in listening to Ugly Casanova and eating fun sized Twix, pretty content.  
 The way down was great, it felt LONG.  Corn from top to bottom.



Avy debris
When we got back to the car it was 70 and sunny.  Perfect weather for a cold swim.  After that we hit the road and headed back to SLC.  As we drove away we could see plumes off all the peak.  I guess we got out just in time.

 9 MPH over the speed limit is too much if you live in Ely Nevada, those guys were lame.

Blank the police

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  1. they profile Utah plates. been there, the tribal police are even worse. condolences.