Thursday, May 5, 2011

5-3-2011 Pete's Staircase & W couloir, Lone Peak

Andy and I went back to Lone Peak take a look at a few descents/ascents that we'd been eyeing for a little while.  The first was the ramp that leads to Pete's staircase. 
Andy on top of Question Mark Wall

Andy most of the way down the ramp (look close)
Not having been on top of Pete's staircase in the winter I was hopeful that it would be filled in and possibly skiable.  I was very wrong.
Andy rapping Pete's (clearly not skiable)
From there we headed over to a west facing shot just north of the main summit.  Steep snow took us most of the way up until we hit a bit of rock.  Initially it looked like it would be easily climbable.  Once again, I was wrong.  A few poorly protected slab moves would have lead to a mini chimney formed by a chalk stone.  Turns out slab is scary in ski boots and crampons especially when it's followed by a few chimney moves that I would have had to do with skis on my back.  Since it was getting late we decided to ski out before trying other options, next time...
Starting to question the next moves

Andy high in the chute

The Cirque with lines marked

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  1. JD we will miss you as the spring begins and the rock starts to dry in the high alpine. What an incredible winter this year!! Enjoy the flat landscapes for just a bit longer. It'll be good to get you back.