Monday, May 9, 2011

5-7-2011 Red River Gorge

Meaghan, not happy

It's fun to be back in the Midwest, I got the go to the Red with some good friends (Eric, Thierry, Sarah, Dave, Meagan) for the weekend.  Turns out skiing isn't the best training for long, endurance-heavy sport climbing.  Grades weren't the hardest but it was still fun to try hard and pull a few climbs off that didn't seem likely after the first couple goes.

Eric underneath Superfly at the Solar Collector (rope still hanging, pretty steep!)
C&C Music FactoryAfter the first day at the Solar Collector, Sarah was nice enough to invite us over to the cabin where we found a pretty amazing spaghetti and homemade meatball feast hot and ready the second we walked in the door.  Maybe one of the best post-climbing meals ever!  The next day I finally made it to the Chocolate Factory.  For the past year whenever I heard the name I pictured these guys, dancing by the rock. They weren't there, disappointing.

Sarah,  7th day in a row!
Fromke on the group's high point for the day of Cat's Demise
About to fall. Photo by Thierry
Pretty fun, "It's cool, I love it." -TM

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  1. Jason with no shirt! Best blog post ever!!